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MSBuild 4.0 BeforeTargets and AfterTargets

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 gives the wider community their first look at what is on offer in MSBuild 4.0. In this post I’ll briefly cover the new BeforeTargets and AfterTargets features. These targets sit in the new MSBuild.Construction namespace … Continue reading

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Are you ready for .NET 4.0?

Check out the .NET Framework Compatibility Blog for all the latest information regarding compatibility. You can also follow a walkthrough here

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Inline coding in MSBuild 3.5

Stephen Cleary has just checked in the first version of the DynamicExecute task. This will ship in version of the MSBuild Extension Pack, but if you compile the code yourself, you can start using it now. We’d appreciate any … Continue reading

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MSBuild Extension Pack — Available now

We’ve just shipped the latest release of the MSBuild Extension Pack! This release slipped in schedule a tiny bit but includes over 40 new tasks and represents a 20% increase in our code base. Thanks to all those who have … Continue reading

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