Microsoft Team Build & MSBuild Desksheet 2.0

I’ve made some tweaks to the original Desksheet. If you are new to TeamBuild or MSBuild, then start with the original. The new version is more helpful for those with a bit more experience (though the same forgetful mind!). You can download it here.

Note: All this information comes from MSDN. If you are looking for more details, consult the MSBuild reference or forums.

This will be the last Desksheet for MSBuild 2005. Today Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2008. It will ship around the end of the year and is has a new version of MSBuild (3.5) that introduces some great new features. I’ll be putting together a Desksheet for MSBuild 2008 shortly after Beta 2, which is expected in the late summer…FTD

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7 Responses to Microsoft Team Build & MSBuild Desksheet 2.0

  1. Henry says:

    Thought you might like to know that the link you have for "Microsoft Team Build & MSBuild Desksheet 2.0" is invalid.

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks! I\’ve fixed the links. SHould have an updated sheet for MSBuild 3.5 out soon.

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