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Braces break %(RecursiveDir) in MSBuild

Update: 3 December 07 – The RTM version of MSBuild 2008 fixes this issue! Summary If braces ‘()’ are in the source path of a file copy operation that uses %(RecursiveDir), then the contents are copied to the root of … Continue reading

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Roll on Windows Server 2008!

Here is a great video showing the new Virtual Server capabilities: Highlights: Host 64 bit machines Assign > 3.6Gb RAM Multi-core support

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Beware $ in MSBuild 3.5

In November 2006 I wrote ‘Beware $ in MSBuild 1.0’. Working with Visual Studio 2008 Beta 1 which has MSBuild 3.5, I am getting the same unexpected behaviour: <Project DefaultTargets="Prepare" xmlns="; ToolsVersion="3.5"><ItemGroup><SomeFiles1 Include="\\OrcasBeta1TFS\c$\AFolder\**\*.*"/><SomeFiles2 Include="\\OrcasBeta1TFS\c%24\AFolder\**\*.*"/><SomeFiles3 Include="\\OrcasBeta1TFS\NewShare\**\*.*"/></ItemGroup> <Target Name="Prepare"><Copy SourceFiles="@(SomeFiles1)" DestinationFiles="@(SomeFiles1->’c:\SomeFolder1\%(RecursiveDir)%(Filename)%(Extension)’)"/><Copy SourceFiles="@(SomeFiles2)" … Continue reading

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Microsoft Team Build & MSBuild Desksheet 2.0

I’ve made some tweaks to the original Desksheet. If you are new to TeamBuild or MSBuild, then start with the original. The new version is more helpful for those with a bit more experience (though the same forgetful mind!). You … Continue reading

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