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Regular Expression Scratchpad v1

UPDATE: 14 Jan 08 — Version 2 has been posted here. Small modifications to the beta. v1 is available here. Advertisements

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.net Regular Expression Scratchpad Beta 1

I’m a massive fan of regular expressions. The only problem I have with them is that I don’t use them often enough and forget how to use them most efficiently! The best free tool I have used is Eric Gunnerson’s … Continue reading

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TFS Team Build DropLocation

I’m running multiple build servers and want drops to go to the relevant build server rather than a central drop folder. The TFSBuild.proj file has a property called DropLocation that specifies where to drop build output. I decided to add … Continue reading

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MSBuild Task: Detokenise File

This task can be used to find and replace tokens in a file or set of files. [25 May 07: – Download the update with samples from here.] There are two distinct ways of using this task. The first way … Continue reading

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It’s time to start looking at Orcas…

The March CTP is here and I’m looking forward to working with the new bits. Also, check out the great Code Metrics that are included in VS. The Orcas Forums are a great place to request, provide and review feedback…FTD

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