Quick Book Review: Professional Team Foundation Server

I just read Professional Team Foundation Server and thought I’d compile a quick review.

If you consider yourself an experienced TFS user, then avoid this book. It’s fairly lightweight and tries to cover just about everything in TFS in around 400 pages. If you are a beginner, then go ahead, the book provides an easy read and you can use online resources to further your knowledge in specific areas of the product. One criticism I do have of the book is Chapter 8 ‘Managing Schemas Using Team Edition for Database Professionals’. What is this chapter doing in a book titled ‘Professional Team Foundation Server’? Team Edition for Database Professionals is a great product, and covering it in 25 pages is an injustice. Sticking it in the wrong book is even worse.

My Rating:

  • For Beginners: 4 / 5
  • For Experienced Users: 2/ 5
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One Response to Quick Book Review: Professional Team Foundation Server

  1. Mickey says:

    Hey!  Thank you for reading the book and providing your review.  I\’d love to know what specific areas you would like more in-depth coverage on.  That way, I can either post them on my blog, or possibly include them in an update to this book, or another one.  Please email me at mickey_gousset@NOSPAMPLEASE.hotmail.com, or go to my blog and hit my contact link.

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