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Planning ahead… Deprecation

Spending a little time planning and researching can often extend a products economically sustainable lifespan by a substantial amount. Let’s take a quick look at this from a SQL perspective in this fictional example: Project A comes along and you … Continue reading

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Beware % in MSBuild

Here is a very basic example: <Project DefaultTargets="Full" xmlns=""><ItemGroup><Ingredients Include="0%Good"/><Ingredients Include="100%Bad"/></ItemGroup><Target Name="Full"><Message Text="%(Ingredients.Identity)"/></Target></Project> It’s a simple cycle through a collection and showing a message. If you think the output is 0%Good100%Bad then you would be wrong. It is in fact: 0%Good100ºd … Continue reading

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Display Custom Build Steps in the Team Build IDE

Once you start overriding targets and creating a more complex build project, you may find that the minimal build steps provided in the build IDE get a little frustrating. There are a few samples that show how to display custom … Continue reading

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Note To Self: Team Foundation Server Knowledge Base Articles

I just know I’ll be needing something from here some day soon. Check out this great post for Team Foundation Server Knowledge Base Articles

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Visual Studio Team & MSBuild DeskSheet

Following along the same lines of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Query DeskSheet that I put together, here is a DeskSheet in pdf format summarising Microsofts build engines, MSBuild and Team Build which ships with Team Foundation Server.

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Quiet Patch…on the blog at least!

  I’ve got quite a bit going on at the moment, so don’t expect a post here till around the weekend… I’m putting together a Team Build DeskSheet (like the SQL 2005 Query DeskSheet). Also looking into building a subscription application … Continue reading

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